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An Introduction to Personal Oracles
as Featured on HWA.ORG
by Jerral Sapienza

When we're looking at our lives and wondering if an oracle might
be able to give us a little insight, here's a couple web links to
check out. These are some of the Personal Oracles and Prophecy
Engines I've written for the basic purpose of helping folks get
a little more reflection on their day-to-day lives.
Click on any one to try it out or learn more about it:

and one not writtten by me:
  • The Oracle of I Ching
    Most of these oracles originated mostly because they're things I was asked
    to help out with for some friends who were interested in Mystical
    Oracles and some of those "woo-woo" sides of life. I have also
    enjoyed the challenge of developing a web-based system which mimic
    some of the deeper glances of life and ponderings for Life's Meaning.

    There's another story, however on the Handwriting Self-Eval one. It's a
    system which I wrote simply because in the early days of my on-line
    Handwriting Analysis readings, I was being completely overwhelmed
    with requests for readings and I simply could not keep up.
    So, to help out, I decided to see if I couldn't apply some of
    my theories on Artificial Intelligence to my theories of the
    patterns and systems I use in Handwriting Analysis.

    The challenge then was to see if I could develop an on-line
    system which could fairly mimic a part of how I might do a
    reading and offer folks an alternative to waiting several
    weeks for me to be able to get to them personally. The
    economic theories of Supply and Demand would then be supplemented
    on the supply side, and help out with meeting the demand.

    I set out to develop the AI engine for the system and wasn't
    really sure how well it was going to work. But I guess it
    passed, though. It definitely gets some great feedback regarding its use.

    The other Oracles and Prophecy Engines I've written here include:

  • A glance at The Tarot, dealing one card at a time
    with input from Joan Bunning's Learning Tarot Course

  • A Numerology system based on the ages-old
    system similar to what Pythagoras used to suggest patterns
    in our lives based on the numbers (and letters) around us.

  • Then there's the Oracle of the Runes which is
    again based on ancient wisdom, but this one from the
    Scandiavian mystics and their cryptic prophetic alphabet stones.

  • I may come up with others sometime over the next while...
    If you have ideas for other glances into these worlds, then
    feel Free to Be in Touch
    Thanks for coming by.

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