To place an order, or for order questions, please send me an email and I will usually answer within 24 hours.

I do enjoy getting other messages as well. I wish I could answer them all, but for the next few months, I'll be devoting my daily "tarot time" to a second book. That won't leave me many spare moments, but please know I do like hearing from you. Your feedback and sharing means a lot to me.

Which leads to...a request! I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts about what you would like to see in my next book. What did you like about Learning the Tarot or my website. What did you dislike? What was helpful, and what was not? Please let me know. Right now I'm planning to include more spreads, sample readings, and lessons on reversed cards and how to read for others (non-professionally).

Thanks in advance for your help..............Joan (Jan 2001)

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