How to Download Learning the Tarot

You can download Learning the Tarot to use on your computer while not connected to the Internet. There is no charge. You will need a computer, an unzip program and a web-browser such as Netscape Navigator, Mosaic or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. The course has been compressed into three files:
    February 5, 2001 September 5, 1998 January 25, 2001
    SIZE IN BYTES 414,915 590,987 430,761
    I update these files whenever I change the pages on my website. (See the Updates page.) They do not contain the descriptions in the Tarot Deck Section.

  2. On your computer, decide what directory you want the tarot course to go into (or create a new directory for the course.)

  3. Download the three files above by clicking on the filenames one at a time. You will be given a chance to say where you want the files to go (which directory). Once you set the directory, you can begin downloading. The files are rather large, so the do wnload may take a while. You don't have to download the two image files, but without them you will not have any pictures. Be sure to put all the files in the same directory.

  4. Unzip the three files by using an unzip program.This will separate the three files you downloaded into all the little files that make up the course. If you don't have an unzip program, here's where you can get one:

  5. Once you have unzipped the three files, you are ready to use the tarot course on your computer. Start up your web browser program. You do not have to be connected to the Internet. (If you have an AOL account, you may need an independent web-browser to use the course without being connected to the Internet. Check with AOL about this.).

    In your web-browser program, load the top (starter) page of my course. You usually do this by clicking on "File" then "Open File", then entering top.htm as the file name. Be sure to specify the correct directory.

  6. Once you have loaded the top page of the course, you can go from page to page using the links just as you would on my website. Some links point to pages that are not part of my course. These links will only work if you are connected to the Internet wh ile you're working.

  7. If you have trouble with the download, be sure that you are accessing my official website at There are some copies of the course on the internet and these tend to cause problems. They are also often out-of-date version s.

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