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Eugene, Oregon =USA=     1.Nov.2001

Something's Fishy Here...
I don't think those letters were written by Osama's guys


You may already have seen the Anthrax letters & envelopes publicized recently. But if you haven't, then take a look at them here:
  • Let's hope the FBI & folks are able to analyze the envelope stock to help determine origin. It's possible to trace the fibers back to a "same" batch of envelope paper stock and to trace it to a particular trimming table, glue batch, etc. if they choose to do so. (though the anthrax contamination may have impeded choosing this line of investigation?) The envelopes were all purchased at Post Offices, but they still would have some particular clues in them. As I said: let's hope some are found.
  • The samples below are numbered 1, 2, and 3 with A & B; letter & envelope.
  • There is evidence in various characteristics of the handwriting which suggest that they were all written by the same writer. I'm 95% certain they were all three written by the same single writer, trying to appear different.
  • 3A and 2B are obviously the same letter; same writer, photocopied letter.
  • 1A could be a different writer, but unlikely. Too many cues not. For instance, check out those dates on each of the letters. EXACT same strokes for a 9, for a 0, for a 1. Those aren't different writers. At a minimum, the same guy put the date on each page.
  • All three envelopes (1B, 2A, 3B) likely written by the same writer, but at two different times, at least a few hours apart: I say 2A and 3B at the same time; 1B separately. Why? Similar letter formations, yet different "emotion" gestalt of the pieces. Subtle, but true.
  • There is at least an attempt to make them appear to be of 9/11 terrorist origin (obvious references to "Allah" and "Israel", for instance.) And though a part of that story may be true, I'm just not convinced that this is the complete story.
  • I don't doubt that they were written by someone whose first language was not English. Take the "R's" and the "G" for instance of the letters. In general, these characters appear to be authentically mis-shapen formations consistent with the writing of a non-native writer of English alphabets. But then in other parts of the same instrument, the same characters appear more "normalized". Suspicious. Someone's trying to disguise his true writing.
  • So, yes: I could tend to believe that they were written by a non-native writer of English. But not likely someone "just off the boat." This writer would indeed like us to THINK that, however.
  • There is definitely indication of mental disorder here; check out the baseline, especially on the envelopes. Droopy, uneven, disturbed, mishapen. That's definitely not a healthy adult handwriting. Anyone doubt that?!
  • But mental disorder? Who needs a handwriting analyst to make that determination, given the circumstances!?
  • Who knows? It could be a mentally disturbed / emotionally arrested 47-53 year old quiet short dark-haired woman of eastern European descent, living in the States for a while now, working in a research lab. She churns away in a corner, hardly noticed by her co-workers, yearning for belongingness and meaning, yet generally alienated and disconnected from life. Television news this last few weeks has given her a new zeal & sense of power as she watches in amazement how all this worked out so much bigger than she planned.
  • Or it could be a 28 year old Iranian-born permanent resident who has been living in the States most of his life, but lately feeling a bit alienated from everyone and everything. He's been working on and off in a a research facility the last few years. 9/11 affected him in ways he hadn't ever imagined... He was pretty much minding his business and then Americans started singling him and his culture out as terrorists. It was too much to bear, so he thought he'd retaliate by sending out the anthrax to see what kind of response it would get.
  • Whoever s/he is, I believe she wrote portions of the samples with their non-dominant hand in order to alter its presentation and wrote other portions with their dominant hand. The result: a mish-mash of handwriting. (Try writing these addresses with your non-dominant hand; you'll likely have some of the same immature looking handwriting.
  • The "1A" letter is the most disturbing in that it is calculatingly clear, written by someone of determined cool head: Written slowly, very likely with the dominant hand, and very pointed in its intent to terrorize. The fact that it's all CAPs yet fairly small writing tells the tale of the writer's teeth-gritting determination to prove wrong his feeling of imposed inadequacy. Though we can't from the pictures see the pressure of the hand, I'd bet that it's a very heavy pressure, making noticeable pressure marks in the paper.
  • Certain structures in this particular letter don't seem like a foreigner at all. Yes, the words sound like it. But that may just be a deceptive ruse. It could indeed be our emotionally unstable lab worker who feels it necessary to try to prove something.   I don't think this is directly related to the 9/11 terrorists but instead is just another opportunistic terrorist wannabe. If indeed that's the case, then actually that's even worse.
  • The "you die now" in the "1A" letter... Wouldn't a lab worker who knows anthrax realize that antibiotics could counteract the anthrax, and so "die now" wouldn't really be true? Or do we have here a not-so-bright labworker who is primarily just trying to make a big media splash by terrorizing the nation?
  • All in all, trying to pin it on the 9/11 terrorists: "Methinks thou dost protest too much" ... Could be, but I think probably not.
-- Jerral
Curator: WWW.HWA.ORG

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Detail of the letters:

Anthrax Letters from September / October 2001

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