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If your primary interest is introductory work, then we'd encourage you to refer to our Basic Services Page which outlines the fees for our introductory services, based on the mini JAQS Sample format we use here.

      By the way— be looking for a book on HWA.ORG's "JAQS Style" sample format soon.   It's a book from LLX Press in late 2004 called called "Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style" by Jerral Sapienza, and will sell for about $16.95;   ISBN 0971710732   Expect to see it in your local bookseller within a few months.

      Meanwhile, if you are perhaps thinking of digging a little deeper into some handwriting questions and would like to see what else might be possible, then we invite you to consider a few other options as well:

      You likely have a farily good idea about the kinds of things a handwriting analyst might see from your general handwriting. But do you know that there might also be a value in reviewing some other forms of samples of your handwriting which may be particularly useful for us in determining other aspects of your particular situation as well? These would include such as dated journal entries, excerpts from letters, personal poetry, scribblings, phone lists, checkbook entries [nice for numbers, with dates, even! ] or any other particularly representative sample of a particular segment of your life. They can be something like living, expressive Time Capsules, capable of casting a little illumination on particularly important points of your life which might otherwise be missed.
      If your adventure into the Self here includes some of these particularly growth-periods like that, then do feel free to include photocopies of those kinds of items with your request here.

Though originals are perhaps best to work from, please do not submit originals of something you wish returned, unless you also include a self-addressed stamped envelope for their return after our work.!

If you'd like to send in other samples of your handwriting, such as journal entries, bookkeeping things with lots of dates & numbers, phone lists, etc... all good examples of handwriting because they are samples of cursive, numbers, and stylistic choices of formatting... all of which make for a pretty complete glance at your ways... feel free to do so. But please, MAKE AND KEEP PHOTOCOPIES of whatever you send to us. That saves us both trouble later on. Then send to us either the photocopy or, preferably, the original (and appropriately self-addressed mailer for its return) with the appropriate fees to:

FollowUp Reading
PO Box 3462 • Hillsboro, OR • 97123 • =USA=

      As for what the fees are: In general, that depends on the nature of what we're working on. Probably for a basic extended reading, we'd figure on from a quarter to half-hour additionally... US$50 - US$75, depending on how much depth you'd like, or if you're interested in an extended phone consultation, those we would generally do on a (PayPal) credit-card appointment-basis, based on time: US$150/hr or US$85/half-hr. You can choose to ask whatever you like, or supply any other written materials in advance, or by fax in real-time.

      Then there are a few other options as outlined herein... You may choose whatever package / amount is most appropriate for you according to what you see here . . . or if we can put together a specific personalized program if you'd prefer, let me know. -J

      * Our Basic Rates / Basic Services *
      Basically, when we do readings in person at the office here in Eugene or on-site in a client's location on tour or in an individualized program, our standard consulting session rate for a personal session is US$150/hour or US$85/half-hour. But since our work on the Net is very different from what we're doing in a personal session, and we're working more in partial pieces for a series of questions/answers along a particular line of inquiry, then here on the Net at this time we try to break it up as though it were charged by the consultation session, at the rate of US$35 per mini-session [<10-min] or US$50 [1/4 Hr] / US$85 [1/2 Hour]

      * Repeat Consultations: Private Sample Collection Books
      We have many repeat sample clients whom we read at periods every few weeks to every few months, depending on what they're doing in their lives... It's a way of checking in again and seeing what's up. In the event you choose to become a repeat customer, then we can provide you with your own sample book via which you can submit your samples. (US$8.00) It will serve to keep your samples all uniquely uniform and in one place, which you can then photocopy and send in periodically with your payment for your next session. We'll do the reading, return your reading via EMail, and you'll be ready for the next session. At particular periods, you may wish to send in the entire book for an overview reading. These can be useful.

      * A Personalized Course of Study: You as Sample Collector
      Or, if you choose to learn more of Graphology & Handwriting Analysis yourself, you can use such a book to go around and collect samples of people close to you there, and use the book as your personalized HW Analysis course of study. As you collect the samples, see what you can see for yourself of each person, and we can work with you to develop a personalized course of study for you to follow such that you, too, learn something of handwriting analysis.
      As you submit your samples to us here, we'll work with you session by session to help you understand the basics of HW Analysis, and develop a path of greater understanding in the process. Still the session fees remain the same: Generally US$35 per mini-session, based on time. If you choose at a particular juncture to have a particularly deep reading of a subject, or need a great deal of clarification one one particular trait or situation, then it may be slightly higher. But for that, we'll get a feel from each side of the fence, you and us, as we work together over time. We'll provide you with general informational reflection along the way as well, every session, which you can use to apply to future samples you come in contact with. And, certainly it will help for you to work with a single analyst or single group of analysts as much as possible over the course of your studies & work, for the sake of continuity.

      * Other Options - Presentations in Your Locale
      There are a number of possibilities for working with you in your interests in Handwriting Analysis. Above are a few. Additionally, if you locally there have a group of people interested in either attending a single session presentation on Handwriting Analysis as Reflection, or interested in pursuing a course of study in Handwriting Analysis over a weekend session, or interested in developing a personalized group training session in Handwriting Analysis, then feel free to be in touch and we can design a particular presentation plan to fit your needs and desires.

      Thanks again for your interest in learning more about Handwriting Analysis as Reflection. There is a basic Web Form for returning basic inquiries regarding our programs, services and further in-depth readings:
      Feel free to be in touch at your convenience. It's a pleasure to work with people who appreciate our work in this wonderfully reflective and personalizable art & science. I've personally met a number of very dear friends over the years through this course of study and learning. It's a pleasure to know of your interest in it as well.

      Jerral Sapienza

      Curator, HWA.ORG

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